Mid Argyll Pipe Band - Sponsored by Maitland

Band Members

Pipe Major : Craig Lang

Craig returned to MAPB in 2010 as pipe sergeant. He had a period with Inveraray Juvenile PB and then a sabbatical before Struan Thorpe persuaded him to return to Mid Argyll (his first band). Craig led the band out at the finals of the 2012 Scottish Championships where we took 6th place in our grade. He was elected as the current Pipe Major in November 2012 and led Mid Argyll to 6th place in the British Championships and 5th at Cowal in his first season as Pipe Major  - as well as several more prize winning places since then.

Pipe Sergeant : Nick McLean

Nick is now in his 3rd spell with MAPB. A former pupil of Rod Buchanan, he played with the band for a number of years before leaving to join Inveraray but came back for a short period as Pipe Major. He then had another couple of years away but has come back once again and has taken on the role of Pipe Sergeant.

Pipe Corps

Rod Buchanan

Rod has been a long time member of MAPB and is the principal chanter tutor. He is also a former MAPB Pipe Major and band president. He has over 25 years under his belt with the band but has also played with Strathallan School, Tayforth UOTC and Inverkeithing and District. Rod has penned many tunes which the band has played over the years and he is widely respected in the piping world. Although he has stepped back to spend more time with his family, we hope he will continue his fine work as a tutor and guest player with the band.

Jo Gaskin

Jo is a convert to piping. She was formerly a drummer (although not with MAPB). She joined MAPB as a piper but left the band for 2 years before returning in 2010. She has been a consistent performer at competitions but outside the band she has sporting interests and is the current British champion in drug-free powerlifting.
Jo's former bands include Oban pipe band where she played as a snare drummer.

Thomas McCulloch

Thomas has been with MAPB for many years and is 1 of 3 brothers who have played in the band.
Thomas is one of Rod Buchanan's former chanter pupils
He is a teacher in Oban but still turns out regularly for the band.

John Hunt

John is another former MAPB member who returned to the band in 2010. He has previously played with Strathendrick and Campbeltown .
John was Pipe Major of the Novice Juvenile Band from 2011 until it disbanded in 2014.

James Dunkley

James is into his 7th season with the senior band. He is a very committed piper and can always be relied on to be at every event. James also has a sister in the drum corps. He is also a stickler for uniform and has been the winner of several band awards for his appearance.

Josh Coates

Josh is one of those players who never seems to have a chanter out of his hands. He has played several solo sessions - notably during the 2012 trip to Penzance and then at Piping Live in Glasgow 2012. He is still at secondary school and has won several piping prizes at solo competitions.

Allan Gordon

Allan is another of MAPB pipers still at secondary school. He made his debut at Morvern Highland Games in 2010. In the summer of 2013 he went to Zambia this to carry out some voluntary work for the Mthunzi and Lilanda Initiative. 

Harry Adair

Harry is in his second year with the senior band, having been with the Novice Juvenile band for 2 years.

Jack Lugue

Jack is in his second year with the senior band, having been with the Novice Juvenile band for 2 years.

Alasdair Mclean

Alasdair is one of the brothers in the McLean Family (his elder brother is Pipe Sergeant).
Alasdair moved up to the senior band in November 2013. Outside the band he takes part in Scottish MOD competitions where he has won prizes for solo singing in Gaelic.

Abbie Williams

Abbie was Pipe Sergeant of the NJ band in 2013.

Andrew Cupples

Andrew is the elder of 2 brothers in the band.

Alistair (Ali) Cupples

Ali is the younger of the Cupples brothers.

Tiegan Holroyd

Piers Gritten

Miki Howieson-Pearce

Cameron Kidd

Jamie Wilson

Lewis Wilson

Struan Thorpe (Guest)

Struan was elected Pipe Major in 2010 and has been a major factor in re-vitalising the band.
As well as being a former PM of MAPB, Struan also plays with the Scottish Power grade 1 pipe band.
Under his direction MAPB has achieved prizewinning places in 5 competitions and a qualification for the finals at Cowal in our first competitive season. He started his playing career with Mid Argyll Pipe Band.
Struan is currently studying music therapy at Edinburgh and continues to guest with the band. He stood down as Pipe Major in November 2012 to concentrate on his studies

Drum Corps

Drum Sergeant : Brian Hastings

Brian joined MAPB in 2007 as a tenor drummer after a 35 year break from pipe bands.
He previously played with the now disbanded Cumnock British Legion Pipe Band. A switch to snare proved more satisfying and he now teaches snare to beginners and current band members with Alistair Maule. He was elected as leading drummer in 2013.

Brian has also written many of the scores currently played by the band, however our philosophy is to develop and refine these as a team.

 Alistair Maule : Snare

Alistair has been a drummer with MAPB for around 30 years and along with Tony Higgins and Rod Buchanan is the only person who has competed with MAPB prior to 2011. Alistair has been drum sergeant several times but stood down as lead drummer at the 2013 AGM.
Alistair has also played with Oban Pipe Band and Callander Pipe Band. He also fulfills a valued role as a member of the tutoring team.

Tony Higgins : Bass

Tony is the bass drummer with MAPB. He started his MAPB career as a tenor drummer before taking up the pipes - eventually becoming Pipe Major for a some time before taking a few years away from the band - eventually returning in 2010. He led the band through the Blackwood and Hickory period.
He has over 20 years service with the band.

Cameron Brownlee : Snare

Cammy is also a snare drummer. Hailing from Northern Ireland, drumming runs in his family. He has been with Mid Argyll Pipe Band for over 8 years. He has held the Vice President and quartermasters posts for several years now and is the principal drill tutor.

Robert Smith : Snare

Robert is now in his third year with the grade 4b Mid Argyll Pipe Band. He also moved up from the NJ Band in 2012. He has been playing snare for around 4 years.

Rachael McIndeor : Tenor

Rachael is now in her 3rd year in the senior band having moved up from the Novice Juvenile band in 2011. Rachael is very committed and helps out teaching the younger tenor drummers.

Colin (Bingo) McNicol

Bingo joined in late 2013 to learn snare but has learned to play bass to deputise for Tony Higgins. He appeared in public for the first time at Kilmartin in May 2014.

Gregor McGeachy
Gregor was leading drummer in the NJ Band.

Eoin Yuill

Emma Dunkley
Emma was formerly a snare drummer in the NJ band but decided to switch to tenor in late 2013.
She can also take on bass drum when required. Her brother James is a piper in the band.

Emma Smyth
Emma is one of the newer members of the band and plays tenor.

Kelly Crawford : Drum Major

Kelly is a former lead drummer with the NJ band and also formerly a snare drummer with the senior band. She left for a short period but has been learning the drum major role. She appears with the band at selected events.